Manuscript Submissions

If you are considering Legit Styles Publishing as a home for your book, we would like to thank you. Our goal is to publish novels that satisfy our readers, regardless of genre, so that we can continue to be the fastest-growing publishing company in the business. For authors looking for a team dedicated to taking your book to the next level (book catalogs, retail stores, ebook, magazine, ect.) we are currently accepting manuscripts for review. Here are our guidelines so that your book will be prepared properly for consideration.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission should include a cover letter. The cover letter should be a 1 page letter addressed to us describing the background of your story, you as an author and your goal for this project. Please provide a 1 page short-synopsis of the complete summary and plot of the story (like what’s found on the back of the book).

Send the first three chapters only! Manuscript must be typed, numbered and double spaced. No exceptions!

Make sure your name, phone number, email or contact information is clearly displayed so we can contact you.

Contact Information

Once you have followed our guidelines and your book is ready for submission, there are two ways you can send it to us.
1) We prefer email submissions to: in MSWORD, PDF or rtf format only.
2) Mail can be sent to our corporate office at:
16501 Shady Grove Road Suite # 7562
Gaithersburg, MD 20898

Send a copy only! We cannot return any of your work.

We appreciate all submissions. Please do not contact us for status updates. Allow us 6 to 8 weeks and we well contact you via email, mail or telephone.

* Note: Do not submit your work if the entire manuscript is not complete.