Legit Styles Publishing is also committed to aiding you in your endeavor to bring your manuscript to life. Have you written a great story? Do you need help creating one? Here are some services we provide to help you take your creativity to the next level:

* Typing: $1.50 per page.  Send us your manuscript typed and double spaced. We will covert it to a digital file to be formatted for print.  $2.50 per page for any handwritten work.

* Typesetting (Interior Book Design)
$200.00 per book. This includes page layout, margins, font types, use of paragraph breaks, paragraph arrangements, headers, footers, proper use of hyphenations, tables and content.

* eBook formatting:$100.00    We will format your book to eBook. Your eBook will come with free ePub and mobile version which are in compliance with all mobile devices (i.e. Kindle, iPad, Barnes & Noble, Android Playbook, etc) with free attachment of your cover (if provided).

* eBook on-line Distribution: $150.00 We will get your eBook placed on online platforms that sale eBooks worldwide such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc.




In order for you to experience success with your manuscript you will need a book cover design that meets your vision, as well as industry standards. We can help! Our designers are the best in the business and we are willing to assist you in bringing your vision to life.

 * Cover Design Starting At: $250.00
 * Cover + Interior Layout Design: $400.00 
You will maintain 100 percent ownership of the rights to your interior design. You will receive two sample layout designs so you will have two different versions to choose from.

* eBook Design: $225.00
Our professional designers will create attractive designs that represent your visions and capture the attention of consumers who see your book advertised, ensuring online sales.

* Barcode: $25.00
In order to sale your book in retail stores, libraries, or other online retailers such as ‪‬, you will need an ISBN. We have them!

Ghost Writing Services

Legit Styles Publishing will connect you with best-selling published authors to help bring your stories to life. Here are some of the genres they specialize in: Erotica, Drama, Suspense, Urban, Memoirs, Self-Help, and Screen Plays. You will own 100 percent royalties with credits in YOUR NAME!

For more information contact us and start the process of putting out your next novel or script now!

Editing Services

LSP offers three types of editing. Prices may vary depending on the scope and depth of the manuscript. As of now, we are not charging you according to the average publisher rates. LSP takes great pride in knowing, when possible that we strive to keep the cost of self- publishing authors to a minimum. Here are some average prices:

1. Basic Copyediting/Proofreading: ($2.50) Once your story is finished we will review, proofread and correct it so that it conforms to industry-accepted standards. The copyediting process consists of reading and correcting all technical and grammatical errors from your spelling, use of quotes, punctuation, as well as subject-verb agreement (our use is of the Chicago Manual of Style unless otherwise specified). This process is basic and with an experienced writer can be a tool to take a manuscript to another level. Your proofreader will not assist in any modifications or reorganization of your work.

2. Line Editing: ($3.49) per page. This service is more exclusive and involves heavier copy editing. This includes correction of grammar, verb tenses (past/present), spelling, punctuation, transitions, accuracy in word phrasing, and making sure it all makes sense. We will provide professional commentary and feedback concerning your writing style, presentation and impact of your work. We will rewrite minor sentences when needed. The editor will also review plot and character elements in both fiction and non- fiction work, eliminate errors and focus on the relationship between words, characters and other structural components.

* Editor will query phrases and word choices that may not be appropriate for the subject matter or readership.

* Raise instances where you may need outside permission to use material.

* Editor will not continuously alter word choice. Your editor will advise you to change inappropriate aspects. After the editing process, your manuscript will be returned and  marked with recommended notes. Line editing combined with a Basic Proofread editor can bring a start and finish draft for publisher or print for and additional $300.

3. Content Editing: ($3.99)
Also known as structural, substantive and development editing, this is a more in-depth aspect to manuscript editing. Copy Editing and Line Editing is combined here along with sentence rewrites up to 5% of the entire body of work when needed. This also covers plot and character elements for consistency in fiction and non-fiction work.

The editor will review work, make edits, send it to the writer to make changes, and review changes once more for consistency before a final correction process is started. The editor will correct errors in regards to sentence structure and in certain cases advise the writer to change and/or add emphasis to structure or phrases.
*Word phrases and inappropriate subject matter will be pointed out, as well as inaccuracy of elements.
*The editor will help to preserve plot line, character traits, and tone throughout the work.
*The editor will raise minor instances where elements and material strays from intended purpose.
*The editor will review writing for style and clarity.
*The editor will not reorganize paragraphs, scenes or other flow of elements to make your work more logical to readers.