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Byron Grey is a Maryland native and the author of Kingpin, which is his first novel. An entrepreneur and clothing designer he is now serving time in federal prison. He is currently in the process of completing his sophomore novel to Kingpin entitled Kingpin 2

He is from East Rockville, Maryland. Despite the harsh conditions of his environment, he was able to overcome poverty by hustling in the streets. At a young age, he became involved in many different business ventures. Among them is the Legit Styles Clothing line, which he founded in 2003. However, not being completely removed from the street life, he, eventually, found himself doing federal time. Mr. Grey was determine to invert his incarcerations period in to a positive experience. Not letting prison damper his proactive spirit, he took advantage of his ample time and enrolled into college courses. He earned an Associate of Arts in Social Science, an Associates of Science in General Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Management. Through his college experience, he discovered his passion for the art of storytelling. The Urban book world became Mr. Grey’s calling and his first novel Kingpin was born. He felt it was his duty to bring the harsh reality of the drug trade to light and expose certain parts of the game, which he once played everyday of his life. These are not true stories. Yet, they are inspired by recollect s of the life he once lived. Legit Styles Publishing was created with his vision because he wanted to change the book game, one book at a time. “Everybody has a story, regardless of the genre, and they deserve to be heard. I just want todays youth to know that despite the obstacles, they can accomplish anything” – Byron Grey.

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Antoine is a passionate writer who has ghost written many urban novels. Despite being incarcerated he strives to reach people through the power of his words.

Antoine “Don Twan” Robinson has been writing books and screen plays for over 15 years. A victim of the harsh federal sentencing laws he in now preparing for his release, by using his time wisely. Projects ranging from novels to television sit-coms and reality show concepts are currentling in the works, which he has created. Using his gifts Don Twan has linked up with Legit Styles Publishing to release his thought provoking novel Confessions of a Cheating’ Heart and The Wall: Season 1. One is a controversial true story of a young black man struggling to return the love to a woman supporting him during incarceration. The other is a prison drama fit for TV. His goal is to stimulate growth in the mind of all who read his books.

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Donte ” Donnie Ru ” Gardner is from Lynwood/Compton, California. His true story novel “Confessions of a Cheating Heart” is his first. While he continues to aspire as an author, he uses his life story as an example to all those suffering from past issues influencing their present relationships.

Donte “Donnie Ru” Gardner is a young man who used his personal experiences and relationship issues as his introduction into the literary game. Aimed to inspire change in the minds of all who read it, his memoir “Confessions of a Cheating Heart” delves deep into the importance of not letting one’s past negatively influence their future. This novel came about after he was sentenced to prison for the first time. It was there he noticed how other men suffered relationship issues, and he struggled to figure out why his situation was no different. With a supporting cast of “real” homeboy’s, he realized it was him as a man, and not the excuse, that made him like the rest around him. Thus, he embarked on the difficult journey of maturing himself, to become a better man for his daughter Reign and her mother Leah, the woman by his side. He hopes that other men will learn from his experience so that they too can understand the importance of mending the bond between them and the woman who supports them, during their difficult time in prison. “Our women need us to get out of here better than we came in”- Donnie Ru


Uawndre Larue was raised in one of the most notoriously known projects in San Diego, California. Being faced with negativity on a daily basis, mistakes were made and the opportunity to fail was pervasive. Some of those mistakes cost him valuable time and lost memories. But instead of succumbing to the dark world of failure, he used those negative situations as motivation and rose to the occasion.

Incarceration was a wakeup call! It taught him a lot about himself and his surroundings. He’s gone from a dream killer, to a dream chaser, and he’s definitely one to live his dreams. He’s created a lane for himself and others along this journey. Clothing lines, record labels, array of music adventures and independent movie scripts. He’s even played the lead role in a music video entitled “My Everything” By Ms. Bree.

Legends are not made over night but Mr. Uawndre Larue challenges their sayings. With his grind in the literary world, his ability to transform words into visionary sights, coupled with his love and passion for writing, he’s bound for success. Get ready world, you’ve just been introduced to someone who will change the scenery of street literature.



Michael “Blue” Branch is from a project housing area called Freetown in Pasadena, Maryland. Growing up he missed out on the youthful things most children enjoy, due to a single parent household and the harsh conditions of his environment and community. It wasn’t long before the streets birthed him into a product of his environment: A HUSTLER.

He’s not one to be discouraged; Michael used his creative mind and soon was discovered by Byron Grey, who believed in his vision of becoming an author. Now Michael is building himself as a brand by using his real-life experiences to paint his books into stories people can relate to, and learn from. He knows that this experience will separate him from the many who writes stories from an outside perspective, never living “the life” themselves. This gives “Blue” his unique style.

Despite the odds stacked against me, “I believe in myself”. With this company, Legit Styles Publishing, there is no secret to winning. Every project is laid out to succeed. So why not play on a winning team and establish myself into a brand with recognition to gain personal and financial stability?

With connections and inspiration, we will define a better tomorrow. Stay prepared so that you never miss out on your opportunity. Control your destiny or someone else will. “Fulfill your potential”. Contact him anytime:

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Zo Ali is an author from south Memphis. Writing has always been a passion, but it wasn’t until 2007-during the third year of a 20 Year Fed Bid that his imaginative stories were penned into book form. Since that time, he has completed over 10 novels; including five from 

“The Young Dons” Series, each with a cast of characters giving the reader a glimpse of the world as seen through my eyes.

My mission is to be the voice of my city, my generation and created avenues for myself and those with the vision to dream.